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Walk In Baths offer the easiest way to bathe and help you rediscover the joy of taking a long, hot bath again. Perhaps you'll choose the Luxor, a full length walk in bath with easy-reach electronic touch control buttons, or maybe you'll opt for the Classic, providing easy access for both able and less able.

The Classic has a single easy access door function. The Universal is ideal for those who use a wheelchair or zimmer frame, making it easier for a carer to help a person bathe.

For those with minimal space, the Little Gem is perfect – also offering easy access together with easy palm-pad operation. The Duet walk in bath is approximately the same as the Luxor, but with the addition of an over-the-bath shower and without the motorised seat. Our latest product, the Paragon shower bath, offers aesthetically pleasing design, curved safety glass screen, optional bath lift and warmed air spa – and many other features.

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