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Original Plus Walk In Shower

Most people who want to change their bath for a shower have only enough room in the bathroom to use the "footprint" of the old bath. That's fine if you are facing the back wall to take your shower but when you want to have a seat in the shower it has to be at either end and that can be a problem. Why - because there is very little room to use your arms to wash – that's why. Elbows bang against the wall and doors as you are restricted by the confines of the old bath width.

With inspiration from Pythagoras – remember him - the clever Greek who worked out that there is always a long side to a right angled triangle? We have placed the seat so you can sit down at an angle in the corner and have more room than ever before!

Just like our Original slide-in shower, you sit down from outside and slide into the shower but now you can sit in the corner to get that extra space. The extended shower arm allows the shower head to be directed at the correct angle for you too. You can move it to be overhead, in front or lower it to suit yourself.

The seat is comfortable and can be set to the exact height for your individual requirement. It is very strong and will easily accommodate a 25 stone person as it has 5 points of support and can instantly fold up out of the way for the shower to be used by someone standing up.

The Original Plus Shower has the same unique sectional cubicle as the Original Shower, so it can fit where your existing bath is and we can usually fit in a day, as no tiling is required.

Shower Design Features  

  • One day installation
  • Simple, effective design
  • Wide Entrance
  • No need for recessed tray
  • Extended Shower Arm
  • Simple, easy to use controls
  • Adjustable Fold-Up Seat
  • Grab Bars
  • Fits existing bath area

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