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Luxor Full Length Walk In Bath

The Luxor Walk In Bath has been carefully designed to enable you to relax and once again enjoy the pleasures of a full length bath in the comfort of your own home.

The inward opening door means you simply walk in and bathe and the easy to use twin roller motorised seat belt will gently lower you in so you can just lie back and relax.

The seat belt is operated by easy to reach buttons on the side of the bath that gently and evenly lowers you right to the bottom of the bath. At the end of your bath simply press the easy to reach buttons and the belt gently lifts up into a comfortable sitting position from which you can easily stand up and simply walk out.

Bath Design Features  

  • Can also be used as a normal bath
  • Inward opening door
  • Double Wastes for fast emptying
  • Deep fill
  • Twin motorised seat
  • Hydrotherapy option.
  • Two lengths available & any colour
  • H 550mm (21"), L 1500mm (59") / 1660 (65"), W 740mm (29")

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