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Paragon Walk In Shower Bath

A Brand New Shower Bath with optional built-in bath lift. The Best of the Best!

This aesthetically pleasing design is not only easy on the eye but is so practical too. The curved safety glass screen is matched by the contours of the easy opening door which cannot be accidentally opened once the screen is in position.

An anti-slip floor makes it so safe to step in and then the door and screen can be closed simply by swinging into position. The curve of the screen allows more elbow room than an ordinary straight bath and is consequently more practical to use. There is a convenient shelf which can be used as a foot rest or as a seat. Both the shower and the bath taps are controlled by a thermostatic TMV3 valve to protect you, the bather. Alternative shower options are available.

Two hand grips are situated in the bath to assist sitting upright from a lay down position. Of course the bath can be used in the normal way by stepping over the rim by a more agile person in the family to have a bath, but anyone of a more limited mobility can use the door for entry to shower.

The Paragon is also available with a built in bath lift. The renowned belt type seat made by Wibco is is still the only twin motor seat which lowers you right to the bottom of the bath and fully recline as in an ordinary bath. So you can step though the door sit on the seat and gently descend to the very bottom of the bath and then, having bathed, gently return to a sitting position just at the touch of a button.

The taps are conveniently to hand near the seat and, like the shower, are thermostatically controlled by a TMV3 valve to protect you. There are two internal handles to assist you to sit up from a reclining position. The two non jamming wastes empty the bath really fast so you don't have to wait very long at all.

The Paragon Shower Bath be left or right handed to suit and fitted with an optional warmed air spa system. The model shown is right handed. The Paragon is also available in any colour as are nearly all Wibco baths of course.

Bath Design Features  

  • Curved Safety Glass Screen
  • Optional Bath Lift
  • Optional Warmed air spa
  • Double Wastes for fast emptying
  • Convenient shelf / footrest / seat
  • Left or right handed models
  • H 530mm (21"), L 1680mm (66"), W 745mm (29.5") seat end & 923mm (36") at door.

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